Barbara Zanotti is a native Italian translator.


Thanks to her highly specialized training she offers advice at the highest level, as a freelancer, for technical, commercial and scientific translations in the major European languages.


In particular, Barbara Zanotti specialises in:

  • interpreting;
  • conference interpreting services;
  • translation of patents;
  • website translation;
  • scientific translations;
  • interpreting during business negotiations;
  • 'chuchotage' (whispered) interpreting;
  • consulting services for translation and interpreting;
  • translation of contracts;
  • translation of business texts;
  • translation of technical texts;
  • translation of corporate resolutions;
  • translation of manuals;
  • legal translations;
  • sworn translations.




Barbara Zanotti is a professional translator, specialised in translation and interpretation from and into English and French, and also interlingual, ie without a transition through Italian, thanks to her vast experience gained through years of serious study and activities, which have led her to become a reference point in various fields (legal, technical, scientific, among others).


For the main European languages ​​(ES, DE, POR, RU) and some rare languages ​​(AR, J, CHI) she collaborates with a pool of highly qualified experts to provide an excellent service.

Like any professional, Barbara Zanotti is constantly working to refine her skills in the field, thanks to extensive preparation combined with years of experience.

Her main fields of interest include:

  • workplace issues;
  • international relations
  • legal issues;
  • medicine (urology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, osteopathy);
  • environmental issues;
  • European / transborder projects of various kinds.

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