For your business conferences, contacting a serious, qualified professional is the only way to have a perfect understanding of your interlocutors and achieve shared goals.


Barbara Zanotti is able to offer an interpreting service, either simultaneous or consecutive, plus chuchotage and interpreting at your offices during financial negotiations.




SIMULTANEOUS: Normally performed by two interpreters per language combination (eg: IT / EN; IT / FR, ...) in a specially made cabin. Maximum performance with minimal disruption to work, as it allows the translation of speech in real time.

Suitable for conferences, meetings, conventions, board meetings.


CONSECUTIVE: Carried out by one or two interpreters per language combination; It consists in taking notes of the speech to be translated according to a special technique and then recreating it in the requested language. Prolongs the time of work by about 50%.

Suitable for short speeches, press conferences, presentations.


CHUCHOTAGE: This service is mainly used for meetings or visits with a small number of participants (max 2), who can listen to the interpreter close up without having to use any type of device for the translation. However, this does not permit the accurate translation of every word as while listening the interpreter may be disturbed by background noise.

Suitable for sightseeing, business negotiations, or on occasions when there is only one foreign guest present.

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