Translations using technical and scientific language require not only a thorough knowledge of the lexicon, but also a certain expertise on the subject in question, both in terms of the content and the specific terminology used.




Barbara Zanotti, an established freelancer in Turin, is a professional translator who deals with scientific and technical translations of patents for businesses and individuals. She has had the opportunity to work with many individuals and companies throughout the country, obtaining a lot of positive feedback, for the quality of the texts and her timely delivery.




Barbara Zanotti translates documents relating to various branches of science: biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, scientific journal articles and documents for publication, manuals, clinical studies, leaflets and medical conference proceedings. She will be at your complete disposition to deliver her translations via internet and fax, providing high precision, punctuality and efficiency.


For further information please contact the translation office on +39 011.3391930. We will be happy to provide all the details about the services offered, such as the rates and timing for completion of the work.

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